Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Anniversary- The Birth of the Sarcastic Bride

Happy Anniversary!

Its been 1 month today since my boyfriend surprised me on my birthday with a proposal. I have been feeling family pressure for years to “make him come up to snuff”, and even lately have been hearing that “he’s never going to marry you, you should just move on.” This all came after the many discussions clearly disguised as emotional jabs to the gut in the form of “ you’re not getting any younger”, or “you’re starting to look your age”, or my personal favorite “he’s your last chance”. The verbal gut checks over the years have actually created layers upon layers of sarcastic replies, and even forced me to create automatic responses to the questions with too many tongue in cheek responses; none of which of course I can let fly in public. So I retreat to the Internet, the Glorious anonimity of the ether, and use you dear phantom reader as my physciatrist. Because there ain't no way that I'm getting through with planning this wedding without help!

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